Webinar Q&As: Chinese Cosmetic Ingredients Regulations

We were invited by PCHi to host a Webinar about Chinese Cosmetic Ingredients Regulations on 29th March. Here are 2 Q&As our audience most concerned about, and the questions are really useful in practical operation.Let’s review:

1.Will the NMPA eventually want NMPA Submission Code for all raw materials or will they continue to accept Annex 14 Document?

Yes, NMPA will continue to accept Both NMPA Submission Code and Annex 14 Document. And Annex 14 Document is OK for cosmetic notification and registration.

You can register ZMUni’s next Webinar on 15 April 2022, and we’re going to talk about How to Apply the Cosmetic Ingredient Code and How to prepare the Annex 14 Document under CSAR in China?

2.Is there any way to get products in China that want to be cruelty free without manufacturing the product in China?

Yes, it is possible to finally enter the Chinese market without having to conduct animal testing. However there are certain conditions that you must meet.

-Firstly, this only applies to general cosmetics.

-Secondly, your QMS certificate should be issued by a local cosmetic authority department.

-Your product should not be intended for infants or children use

-Your product should not use new ingredients that are still in their safety monitoring period.

-Lastly the filing person, the Chinese responsible person and the manufacturer should not have any bad records with NMPA before.


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