MSDS, CoA and TDS of cosmetics (CoA/MSDS/Specifications )


Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material safety data sheets (MSDS) and Specifications

What is MSDS (material safety data sheet)?

MSDS is the material safety data sheet of chemicals, which is called chemical safety information card in the world. It is a document that chemical manufacturers and importers clarify the physical and chemical characteristics of chemicals (such as pH value, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) and the possible hazards to users' health (such as carcinogenesis, teratogenesis, etc.). It is a comprehensive document about the combustion and explosion performance, toxicity and environmental hazards of chemicals, as well as the safe use, leakage emergency rescue disposal, main physical and chemical parameters, laws and regulations and other aspects of information. It is an important document to transmit the information of chemical hazards.

COA(Certificate Of Analysis) What is it?
CoA means analysis report in Chinese. Generally, it is aimed at the raw materials of products, and each raw material needs to provide COA analysis report. Cosmetics generally need to do raw material COA report to prove the safety of raw materials. The current EC (EU) 1223 / 2009 regulation requires cosmetic enterprises to provide COA reports of each raw material.

TDS(Technical Data Sheet) What is it?
TDS Chinese means technical parameter table, also known as technical data table. According to the specifications of each manufacturer, the technical parameter table should be submitted for comparison with other manufacturers. Bidding, technical meetings, specifications, logistics trade will refer to the technical parameter table.
What are the differences between TDS report, COA report and MSDS report?
TDS and COA are generally for raw materials, and MSDS is generally for products. The same raw material or product can be used for MSDs report, TDS report and COA report. These three reports are completely independent.


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