(1)Report on 2022 Kuaishou Beauty Consuming Trending

Research data from KPMG X Ali Research Institute shows livestream e-commerce maintains rapid growth, with a scale of nearly 2 trillion yuan (1.995 trillion yuan) by 2021. The livestream sales, the number of brands and stores of Kuaishou and Douyin showed year-on-year high growth. In 2021, Taobao livestream GMV has exceeded 500 billion yuan. With the good situation, beauty category keeps a growing trend and becomes the main seller among the sale categories in livestream e-commerce, presenting a pretty high expectation in the future.

Based on this, data cooperation partner of Kuaishou Beauty, beautydata.ai X Kuaishou E-commerce Beauty co-release 2022 Kuaishou Beauty Consuming Trending, providing product-selection advice for market participants in aspects of target user profile, category opportunity, brand opportunity and product-selection strategy.


He economyrises up
small-town and rural markets might be the market hotspot

From target user profile, among Kuaishou Beauty users in 2020 and 2021, the proportion of males increased by 100%, it’s hopeful to witness “he economy” rising up.The increasing proportion of male users forecast the continuous release of consuming demands. Under the circumstances of the rise of “he economy”, the consuming market will be expanding steadily. Relevant data indicates, from January to September 2021, the overall number of active Kuaishou male users and male users with shopping habits demonstrates a steady growth.

It can be seen that the content seeding of short video and the building of trust e-commerce subtly develop men consuming habits and make it easier to attract male users to consume.

men consuming

From another hand, depending on its large population, small-town and rural markets might be the hotspot of the consuming market and contribute the market share. Besides, almost 70% beauty users on Kuaishou are distributed in and below third-tier cities. Therefore Kuaishou is born with advantages.


2 trillion market ready to be dug
heading brands have their own advantages

Livestream e-commerce is in hot stage with 2 trillion coming into the market, maintaining rapid growth trend. The sales of brand store self-livestream from Kuaishou and self-owned livestream room of live streamer account for almost 80% of the GMV.

Among TOP10 brands of Kuaishou beauty category, only 2 international brands are listed. However, international brands splendidly take TOP3 places in brand list of Taobao beauty category with an intense atmosphere. The TOP10 skin brands concentration ratio on Kuaishou is higher than that on Taobao, implying that the brand competition on Kuaishou is less fiercer than that on Taobao. To a certain extent, Kuaishou gives more entering space and opportunities for brands from home and abroad.


New insight into beauty consumption
Oral care becomes the new hotspot

From New insight into beauty consumption of Kuaishou and Taobao, the top places of the skin market on Kuaishou is taken up by domestic brands and big Korean brands. From other hand, the price of hot-sale brands on Kuaishou is lower than that on Taobao, with the price varying from 120~200 yuan. It’s worth noting that Kuaishou TOP10 hot-sale personal care brands have a diversity of categories, and they are oral care, private care, tampons, shampoo, hair care and body care. Domestic brands topped the list in personal care market on Kuaishou with oral care products being the hit.

Focusing on oral care category, there are only toothpaste category in the hot products of Kuaishou channel, and the product efficacies are: bee venom used to relieve inflammation, removing bad breath and protecting oral health. On Taobao channel, in addition to the basic odor removal, cleaning and moth prevention efficacies, the more advanced efficacies like whitening and gum care have gone popular.


Search the market-entering opportunities
Focus on target users/categories/brands

From product-selection strategy, couple of dimensions such as target users, categories, brands, operation strategy, selling points and sets of the products are the main concerns for the market-entering people.

2022 Kuaishou Beauty Consuming Trending pays attention to the following key questions:

  • Who are the core consuming groups of Kuaishou Beauty? What are the beauty product demands of them?
  • Which characteristics do hot products of Kuaishou Beauty have, to be the guidance for product-selection strategy?
  • Which hot-sale categories and opportunity categories are there on Kuaishou? Are there any promising products to be dug?

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