The Ultimate Guide to Exporting Cosmetics into China: Regulatory Insights and Strategies

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Date: 8 June 2023

Time: 21:00- 22:00 (GMT +8) 

Language: English 

This expertly designed webinar aims to provide you with the essential knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the Chinese cosmetics market.

Throughout this training, you will:

1. Acquire an in-depth understanding of China's cosmetics regulations, including recent updates and amendments

2. Learn the step-by-step process for registering and filing cosmetics products, ensuring a seamless and efficient approval journey

3. Uncover practical advice for product formulation, labeling, and packaging to comply with China's strict requirements

4. Obtain expert advice on the animal testing exemption and the shift toward cruelty-free alternatives 

This training is perfect for cosmetics manufacturers, brand owners, regulatory professionals, and anyone seeking to expand their business into the thriving Chinese market. Upon completing this course, you will possess a solid foundation in China's cosmetics compliance landscape and a clear road map for achieving regulatory success.

Seize this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and unlock your cosmetics business's full potential in China. Register now!


 Angeline Zhao -Regulatory Expert


13 years of overseas project management experience in consumer goods, providing cosmetics notification/registration services for hundreds of overseas companies.

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