Biweekly Updates of Global Regulations on Cosmetics

 SCCS-Request for a Scientific Opinion on Hexyl Salicylate Used in Cosmetic Products

On 13 February 2023, SCCS requires a scientific opinion on Hexyl Salicylate used in cosmetic products.

Hexyl Salicylate is an ingredient with sweet, floral, and fruity odour used in formulations of fragrances in multiple consumer goods, including cosmetics. It is not listed in the Annexes to the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and its use is not otherwise restricted in cosmetic products.

However,  based on the results of an LLNA assay and on read acrossfrom the structural analogue Methyl Salicylate and the metabolite Salicylic Acid, respectively , it is expected that the European Commission will propose a classification for Hexyl Salicylate as a Toxic for Reproduction Category 2and Skin sensitizer Category 1.

Meanwhile, the Commission requests the SCCS to carry out a safety assessment on the maximum concentration of Hexyl Salicylate in cosmetics submitted by stakeholders in December 2022.

Table 1: Maximum concentrations of Hexyl Salicylate in cosmetic products submitted by stakeholders

Product type, Body parts

Maximum concentration

Hydroalcoholic-based fragrances


All rinse-off products


All leave-on products


Oral care (toothpaste and mouthwash)


Stakeholders have 9 months to submit their opinions and data.


SCCS- Request for a Scientific Advice on the Hair Dye HC Blue 18

HC Blue 18 is used as an ingredient in oxidative and non-oxidative hair dye formulations.

On 13 February 2023, Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) requires a scientific advice on the HC Blue 18 in term of the following two questions.

• In light of the data provided, does the SCCS consider HC Blue 18, safe when used in nonoxidative as well as in oxidative hair dye formulations up to a maximum on-head concentration of 0.35 %?

• Does the SCCS have any further scientific concerns with regard to the use of HC Blue 18 in cosmetic products?

Stakeholders have 3 months to submit their opinions and data.


Canada-Consultation on the Amending Regulations Concerning the Disclosure of Cosmetic Products

The Government of Canada is moving forward with plans to make health protection information readily accessible to Canadians on chemicals in consumer products, including cosmetics.

On 13 February 2023,  Health Canada proposes to introduce a requirement to disclose certain fragrance allergens on cosmetic labels, when present above a specified limit. This proposed amendment would address the growing consumer demand for clearer and more detailed information on chemicals in consumer products, including cosmetics.

This regulatory proposal would also amend the Cosmetic Regulations to:

A. add greater flexibility for the disclosure of ingredients for cosmetics sold in small packages;

B. improve oversight of cosmetics by:

(1) clarifying terminology and improving the level of detail in the information submitted in a cosmetic notification;

(2) enhancing compliance and enforcement tools to address non-compliance with the cosmetic notification requirements;

C. make changes of an administrative nature.

Stakeholders can provide their feedback on the proposed amending regulations by using the commenting text boxes on Canada Gazette webpage before April 22, 2023.


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