Authorization Letter to China Responsible Person for Cosmetics Registration


1. Regulatory Requirements for Authorization Letter in China

In accordance with the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics, oversea cosmetics registration/notification persons shall authorize a domestic responsible person in China to handle the registration and notification, to assist in adverse events monitoring and product recall. As required in the Measures for the Administration of Registration and Notification Dossier of Cosmetics, an Authorization Letter shall be submitted when registering/notifying products in China for the first time.

The following information shall be clarified in the Authorization Letter:

* Name of registration/notification person and domestic responsible person

* Authorization relationship

* Authorization Scope

* Authorization Duration

One product can only be authorized to one domestic responsible person, who shall execute its duties and responsibilities within the authorization scope.

2. Process of Authorization

Step 1: The legal representative of the oversea registration/notification person signs the authorization letter (with the company stamp), which must be notarized.

Step 2: This notarized authorization letter requires it to be validated by the Chinese Embassy.

Step 3: Send the original authorization letter to the domestic responsible person in China.

Step 4: The domestic responsible person agrees to accept the authorization.

3. Sample for Authorization Letter 

Authorization Letter to China Responsible Person for Cosmetics Registration

As agreed by both parties, the relevant matters concerning the authorization and commitment of the domestic responsible person for cosmetics registration are now clarified as follows:

Authorizing Party: _______________________

Authorized Party: ________________________               

Scope of Authorization:____________________

Authorization Period to: ___________________

The two parties jointly undertake that the authorized party shall handle cosmetics registration and filing in the name of the authorizing party, assist the authorizing party in monitoring adverse cosmetic reactions, assist the authorizing party in cosmetic recall work, and cooperate with the supervision and inspection work of the drug regulatory department. The authorizing party shall bear the corresponding quality and safety responsibilities for the cosmetics placed on the domestic market.

This Authorization Letter shall become effective from signature date.


Authorizing Party (Stamp):                             

Legal Representative (Signature):

Contact Details:                       



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