JD Worldwide released consumption trend of import beauty&personal care

During JD “6.18”, JD Worldwide released consumption trend of import beauty&personal care. Among the consumption of import beauty&personal, 6 categories of import beauty&personal care such as pure skincare, micro-ecology skincare, friendly makeup, scalp balanced nourishing care, bodycare by oil, skincare black technology have become the trend. Organic, Natural products with healthy components are becoming popular, the consumption concept of consumers is more accurate and reasonable, beauty&personal care come into the “sustainable” era.


6 new consumption trends are leading the new increase of category in “sustainable” era

In recent years, “pure skincare”, “micro-ecology skincare” concepts are going popular among many skincare lovers. Data of JD Worldwide indicates, by May 2022, the turnover of "pure skincare" and "micro-ecology skincare" categories on JD Worldwide had grown 135% year-on-year. Among them, products such as essence, cleanser, toner and sunscreen that focus on natural, organic and non-allergenic ingredients have attracted the most attention from consumers. The skincare concept of natural, organic and "efficient and sustainable" is highly sought after by consumers.

Not only basic skincare, healthy, not hurting skin beauty products are one of the pursuits of beauty lovers. Under the impact of “sustainable” concept, products which are friendly to problem skin and skin-nutrient are also becoming the new consumption trend. On JD Worldwide, the YOY growth of the turnover of products related to import”friendly beauty” is three times the number of other beauty products. Component natural and healthy brands like SUQQU, ZELENS, and Shiseido INTEGRATE are the most popular overseas beauty brands which obtain top 3 places in turnover list of “friendly beauty” products.

scalp care

The “skincare” concept is on longer limited to face, scalp balanced nourishing care, body skincare begin attracting attention from consumers, head and body care related products have become the new favorite in skin care field. In May 2022, there was a YOY growth of more than 100% for import personal care category on JD Worldwide among which, products related to scalp balanced nourishing care took up for more than 70% of the growth. In import personal care products, the turnover of body oil category grew more than 300% YOY.

beauty instrument

Meanwhile, the demand for “skincare black technology” products represented by beauty instrument, rehabilitation instrument is obviously increasing in recent years. In today's fast-paced life, such efficient, convenient and accurate skin care products are highly sought after by consumers. Data of JD Worldwide shows, in May 2022, the YOY turnover growth rate of import home beauty instrument JD Worldwide was 103%. In import 3C household appliances, home beauty instrument accounted for 45% of the category.


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