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【Douyin Beauty Skincare industry Analysis】


China market consumption and cosmetic industry consumption overview in 2021

Cosmetic industry consumption accounts for 1.02% of 2021 overall market consumption. The year-on-year growth rate of cosmetics category sales is 14% compared with 2020, which exceeds the YOY growth rate of overall consumption in national market. Compared to national daily life items, cosmetics are not such necessities that take up a smaller market share. However, along with the awakening awareness of “Love of beauty” of more and more young people and the improvement of consumption ability, it promotes the increasing of consumption market in cosmetic industry.


The social consumption of Chinese market and consumption of cosmetics category keep rising trend throughout 2021

Seen from monthly sales, affected by e-commerce promotions of “6.18” and “Double 11” in June and November 2021, the sales of cosmetics category in these 2 months increased obviously. Among which, the consumption ability in the month of “Double 11” amounted to the peak of the year, which is 1.7 times higher than the average for the whole year, setting new sales highs. Seen from YOY growth rate of monthly sales, that of cosmetics category in June and November is higher than that of the overall consumption in market. It’s easily found that during similar promotions, cosmetics category is more affected by these two periods than the overall market consumption by these two periods.

Trend of 2021 Chinese market social consumption&cosmetics sales


The major sales in beauty makeup industry is taken up by beauty&skincare, makeup industry takes up the second place

According to the official classification by Douyin, beauty makeup category is divided into 4 ClassⅠcategories, they are: “makeup/fragrance/beauty tool”, “beauty skincare”, “beauty/personal care instrument”, “beauty and body medical equipment”. Seen from monthly data of sales, from Jan. 2021 to Feb. 2022, “beauty skincare” ClassⅠindustry accounts for 75% of sales in beauty makeup industry, topping the list, and the monthly sales was steadily growing throughout the year. Next is “makeup/fragrance/beauty tool” industry, accounting for 22% of sales in beauty makeup industry, taking the second place. “Beauty/personal care instrument” industry takes up 2.53% of sales, and “beauty and body medical equipment” possesses a smaller market volume with only 0.14% of sales.


Facial skincare comes the 1st in beauty makeup industry, facial makeup is the most important sub-category in makeup

The demand for skincare is apparently higher than that for makeup. Seen from beauty skincare industry: users attach the greatest importance to the care of the whole face. Because the skin surrounding the corner of eyes is thinner, if the skin condition gets worse, it will be firstly manifested in the eye region, some users have demand for eye care. For the other hand, it’s known universally in recent years that sunscreen products are capable of preventing UV sunburn and have the effect of skin protection, so they are essential in daily skincare. Seen from makeup industry: facial makeup based on facial primer is a product category with high user demand. The second is lip makeup because it quickly improves the color of a person. Users of Beauty&personal care instrument pay more attention on face than on body, under the category of “beauty&personal care instrument”, beauty instrument sells the best.

facial skincare


Facial care sets are in hot sale, cushion remains the bestseller in makeup category

When buying skincare products, consumers’ favorite is facial care set, indicating consumers prefer convenient matching when buying skincare products. As necessities in skincare category, facial masks closely follow facial care sets.

Cushion and foundation are in hot sale in makeup category. Consumers focus more on facial primer, and due to the portability and that it’s easy for making up makeup, cushion remains the bestseller. Nail polish/nail stickers flooded into the top 10 rankings of the beauty industry, and young women are more expansive in their pursuit of beauty: even their nails should be beautiful together.

The sales of electronic beauty instrument ranks the 1st in the sales of beauty&personal care instrument based on the its super high customer unit price and demand of young women for anti-aging.

skincare set


Chinese domestic brands tend to be price-friendly while international  brands prefer premium market in beauty&skincare industry

Analyzing from price range of each commodity’s customer unit price: among commodities the price of which is over 1000 yuan the brand “The history of whoo” ranks the first because the gift set consisting of several products has high customer unit price and sells good.

Seen from the brand concentration rate: brands whose products’ price range is 0-500 yuan are mainly Chinese domestic brands. International brands are dominant in brands whose products’ price range is over 500 yuan.

The above information indicates in skincare industry Chinese domestic brands tend to be price-friendly and people-friendly, the brand concentration rate is low, while international  brands prefer premium market, the brand concentration rate is high and the competition is little.


【Analysis of hot topic in beauty makeup industry】


The hot topic of the year in beauty makeup industry: component is more noticed in skincare

Consumers have increasingly diversified skincare demand based on the pursuit of basic functions of skincare products. Currently, consumers begin to notice the components in the products when selecting skincare products. The following is the hot topic sorting related to the components in skincare products. The focus on components is essentially the demand for functions which concentrate on whitening&freckle lightening, anti-aging&anti-wrinkle, moisturizing & hydrating, acne removal&oil control.

components&efficacies in skincare products


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