Data Insight Report of China's Beauty&Personal Care Industry in Q1 2022

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Data from Zhihu Dataway, Nint, ebrun, Beijing Tianshihui

Platform: Tmall, TaoBao, Zhihu

In recent years, makeup and skincare products and various beauty&personal care products have been accepted by more and more consumers, becoming a part of Chinese consumers’ daily life. As consumption has been upgrading, people’s consuming habits have been changing, the consuming concept has been strengthening, which demonstrates enormous market demand of China’s beauty market. China’s Large population and low level of household goods per person and service consumption also provide enough developing room for beauty industry.


PART 01-Overview of Beauty&Personal Care Market

>overview of online transaction of beauty&personal care category

Beauty&personal care industry on TaoBao and Tmall has stepped into mature stage, transforming from high-increase stage to micro-increase stage. Influenced by the epidemic and the traffic diversions of new merging platforms, the transaction volume in Q1 2022 met a YOY decrease of 12.71%.

The sales of beauty&skincare category is 3 times the sales of personal care, and the YOY data trend of these two is approximately the same. So far from 2021, as the new regulations in beauty&personal care industry have been released, the cost has been increased, the epidemic comes and goes, the supervision has been stricter, the market is filled with challenges and changes, the overall trend has some fluctuations.

beauty&skincare category


>Brand ranking of online transaction of beauty&skincare category&Ranking of reading and interactions within Zhihu

Brand ranking of online transaction


>Brand ranking of online transaction of personal care category&Ranking of reading and interactions within Zhihu

Brand ranking of online transaction of personal care


>Price range of online transaction of beauty, skincare and personal care category

In general, the consumption of beauty&skincare prefer medium and premium brands while there is a large proportion of low and medium consumption in personal care category, which is related to the situation where international premium brands are dominant in beauty&skincare category, and most of the brands in personal care category are Chinese domestic low and medium brands.


PART 02-Opportunity Insight of Beauty&Personal Care Category


>Hot sale product types in beauty&skincare category

Among TOP 20 categories of sales of beauty&skincare in Q1 2022, based on High Customer Unit Price and Strong Rigid Demand, facial care set, face serum, face makeup products become the TOP 3 categories. Especially the TOP 1 category: facial care set, with 10.1 billion yuan sales in the market, proving that beauty&skincare concept has been much recognized by consumers.


>Hot sale product types in personal care category

In personal care market, facial beauty tools, shampoo, oral electronic/intelligent products are TOP 3 in the category with a market share of more than 2 billion yuan. Oral electronic products, massage equipment, health care equipment, etc. are in the top of the category share, proving that consumer health care awareness is gradually increasing.


>High increase category in beauty&personal care: mens personal care

In Q1 2022, the sales of men’s personal care category reached 18,273,583, a YOY growth of 804.66%. Main hot sale goods are hair wax, hairspray, shampoo, etc.


>High increase category in beauty&personal care: T-zones care

In Q1 2022, the sales of T-zone’s care category reached 159,706,453, a YOY growth of 59.63%. Main hot sale goods are nose blackhead expeller, nasal strip.


PART 03-Content Trend of Beauty&Personal Care Category


>TOP 10 hot words of the year for skincare demand 

skincare demand


>TOP 10 hot words of the year for efficacy 



>TOP 10 hot demand words of the year for personal care 

personal care


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