How should consumers choose whitening cosmetics?

First of all, you should buy whitening cosmetics through legal channels. The product label should carry NMPA product approval NO., for example, the approval NO. of domestic whitening cosmetic product approved in 2021 is “国妆特字G2021XXXX”, that of imported cosmetic product is “国妆特进字J2021XXXX”. You can also check whether the actual marking information on the product label is consistent with the product registration information through NMPA official website or “Cosmetic Administration”APP by NMPA. When purchasing, pay attention to distinguish the products with only physical covering function among the whitening products.

So, when purchasing and using whitening cosmetics, what should we pay attention to?
  1. Buy whitening cosmetics through legal channels to avoid buying counterfeit products.
  2. Choose the right products according to your skin condition. Sensitive skin should choose products with a milder formula, which would better be the one that has been tested for sensitivity.
  3. When using whitening cosmetics make sure to reduce sun exposure as much as possible, use sunscreen cosmetics as well if necessary.
  4. You can’t expect that whitening cosmetics take effect too fast. When melanin is formed, part of it will be resolved, other part will be eliminated along with the falling off of epidermal cell. The whole process takes about 28 days.
We would like to remind all consumers that cosmetics which claim immediate whitening effect or that the production of their whitening effects are immediately realized after use are suspected of illegally adding banned substances such as hormones, heavy metals, which requires high degree of vigilance.


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