List of 2022-Q1 online skincare market trend

In Q1 of 2022, what efficacies are popular on skincare market? What concepts have gone viral? What are the hot cosmetic components?

ZMUni has collected and summarized the newly issued List of 2022-Q1 online skincare market trend by NOBLE, which shares and interprets the market trend for the better thinking and discussion of the industry.

First of all, let’s have an overview of the beauty market. According to Ali Big Data, the sale number of skincare category on TaoBao-related platforms in Q1 of 2022 is 0.22 billion and the sale value is 29.6 billion yuan which is close to that in the same period of last year(Last year: the sale number is 0.23 billion, the sale value is 28.98 billion yuan).

And, the sale number of cleaning&personal care(0.11 billion) and beauty makeup(0.12 billion), compared to that(0.15 billion, 0.16 billion) of the same period of last year, has met a sharp decline.

Next let’s have a look at the efficacies and concepts in categories, and the sales of the cosmetic components.


01 Facial mask list

Let’s first check out the list of mask efficacy claims. Moisturizing and hydrating are the two supreme basic efficacies. The let’s see the concept claims. Smear facial mask keeps topping the list and oily skin which didn’t get into the Top 10, skyrockets to the 3rd place, reflecting the mask demands from oily skin consumers are rising up. On the other hand, acne mark falls from the 2nd ranking to the 5th ranking.

In aspect of component claims, the Top 3 are sodium hyaluronate, nicotinamide, and centella asiatica while collagen protein rises from the 11th to the 6th, reflecting the ascent of collagen market.


02 serum list

In face serum category, the efficacy moisturizing ranks the first, skin lightening and repair exceeding hydrating, rank the 2nd and 3rd . In aspect of concept claims, acne mark is way ahead with the sale number of over 2.73 million.

In component claims, sodium hyaluronate, nicotinamide, ascorbic acid, rank the Top 3 places. Retinol which didn’t make it to Top 20 list in the same period of previous year skyrockets to the 9th and it’s worth noticing.


03 Face cream list

In the efficacy claims of face cream, Top 3 remain the same as the same period of previous year which are basic efficacies such as moisturizing, hydrating and moisture. Besides, anti-aging rises two places and skin lightening falls two places. In concept claims, sensitive skin takes the 1st place. In aspect of component claims, the hottest components include vitamin B5, centella asiatica, ceramide while pearl which ranks the first in the same period of last year drops to the 10th place.


04 lotion list

Among the lotion category, the main efficacies include moisturizing, hydrating and moisture. Apart from these, repair is also a popular efficacy claim. In concept claims, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne skin are all listed, which reflects lotion is more applicable to most people.

In component claims, vitamin E tops the list with the sale number of more than 1.55 million, followed by superoxide dismutase. The sale number of other components is far behind the Top 2.


05 eye cream list

Finally we come to the eye cream category, except for anti-aging and removing black eye, moisturizing is also the hot efficacy of eye cream products. In aspect of concept claims, the Top 2 are black eye and stay up late.

Among component claims, the hottest one is retinol. Sodium hyaluronate and snake venom peptide are also much favored by the consumers.


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