Cosmetic Labeling Review Service

China Cosmetic Labeling Regulations

We review the labels in accordance with these Regulations:

-Measures for Administration of Cosmetic Label

-GB5296.3-2008 Instruction for use of consumer products  General labelling for cosmetics

-Rules for Administration of Cosmetic Marking

-Naming Regulations and Guidelines for Cosmetics

-Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation(CSAR)

-Childrens Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation(CCSAR)

-Supervision and Administration Measures of Measurement on Packaged Goods

-Administration Provisions for Sunscreen Effect Marking of Sunscreen Cosmetics


Why do you need the service?

Cosmetic products are required to be correctly labelled before going on the market. The cosmetic labeling review service will ensure that your label is compliant with Chinese Cosmetic Label regulations in terms of the ingredients list, and any necessary warnings or precautions required.

It’s necessary that cosmetic companies shall market safe, and properly labelled products, in this case it means no use of prohibited ingredients. It’s compliant that companies follow all industry safety guidelines.


What is the service we provide?

ZMUni's Labeling review service will help you to confirm your product labels are complying with NMPA requirements. ZMUni can compare the completed label artwork to the cosmetic label review report. The label artwork will be checked to ensure that all necessary label elements and information are listed and the label marking is correct according to relevant labeling regulations.


ZMUni Chinese Cosmetic Regulation Compliance Centre 中贸合规中心

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