Is toothpaste considered a cosmetic in China?

In the UK, toothpastes are generally considered to be cosmetics, unless they are marketed in a way to treat or prevent “sensitive” teeth, or if any of the ingredients within the product could render it medicinal. 

In China, Article 77 of the Chinese Cosmetic Regulation (CSAR - Chapter 6 of the Supplementary Provisions) explains that the general cosmetics rules apply to toothpaste. But the Chinese NMPA is not considered toothpaste as a cosmetic.

"Toothpaste shall be managed in accordance with the provisions of these regulations on general cosmetics. After performing any efficacy evaluation according to the Chinese national standards and industry standards, the toothpaste filing person can claim that the toothpaste has the effects of preventing caries, inhibiting dental plaque, resisting dentin sensitivity, reducing gum problems, etc. The specific measures for the management of toothpaste shall be drawn up by the Drug Regulatory Department under the State Council and reported to the market regulatory Department under the State Council for examination and release..." 

--- Article 77, CSAR

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