The Ministry of Agriculture recognises Anti-Mosquito products as pesticides!

📄Regulatory Information regarding Anti-Mosquito Products:

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recognises anti-mosquito and mosquito-repellent products as pesticides❗

A variety of products such as “anti-mosquito paste”, “anti-mosquito agent”, “anti-mosquito liquid” and “anti-mosquito bracelet” using plant extracts as raw materials have been found during cosmetic market administration, supervision and inspection. The Ministry has considered whether such products are to be categorised as cosmetics or pesticides and has put forward the following opinion:

✔Paragraph 1, Article 2 of the Pesticide Administration Regulations (the Regulations), defines pesticides as:

“One substance, or a mixture of several substances and their preparations used to prevent and control diseases, insects, grasses, rats and other harmful organisms endangering agriculture and forestry as well as chemical syntheses for purposefully regulating the growth of plants and insects, and those manufactured from biological or other natural substances.”

✔Paragraph 2, Article 2 of the Regulations states:

“Pesticides include one substance, or a mixture of several substances and their preparations intended for the prevention and control of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rats, and other harmful organisms.”


Therefore to determine whether a product is categorised as a pesticide, it should be defined according to its function, place of use, and protection objective.

If the product’s label and instruction manual indicate that the product prevents and repels mosquitos, whether its effective ingredient is chemical or plant-derived, the product belongs to the pesticide category and shall be classified and managed as a pesticide according to the law.

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