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stands for the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation. CSAR was implemented on the 1st of January 2021 by the Chinese NMPA. 


Article 1 These Regulations are formulated in order to regulate the production and operation of cosmetics, strengthen the supervision and management of cosmetics, ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics, protect the health of consumers and promote the healthy development of the cosmetics industry. 

Chinese original: 第一条 为了规范化妆品生产经营活动,加强化妆品监督管理,保证化妆品质量安全,保障消费者健康,促进化妆品产业健康发展,制定本条例。 

Article 2 These regulations shall be observed in connection with the production and operation of cosmetics and the Supervision and Administration thereof within the territory of the people's republic of China. 
Chinese original: 第二条 在中华人民共和国境内从事化妆品生产经营活动及其监督管理,应当遵守本条例。 

Article 3 The term "cosmetics" as used in these regulations refers to daily Chemical Industrial products which are applied to the surface of the human body such as skin, hair, nails, mouth and lips by smearing, spraying or other similar methods for the purpose of cleaning, protecting, beautifying and modifying. 
Chinese original: 第三条 本条例所称化妆品,是指以涂擦、喷洒或者其他类似方法,施用于皮肤、毛发、指甲、口唇等人体表面,以清洁、保护、美化、修饰为目的的日用化学工业产品。 

Article 4 The State shall classify and manage cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials according to the degree of risk. Cosmetics are divided into special and general cosmetics. The state shall administer the registration of special cosmetics and the filing of general cosmetics. Cosmetic Raw Materials are divided into new raw materials and used raw materials. The state registers and manages new cosmetic raw materials with a higher degree of risk, and records and manages other new cosmetic raw materials. 
Chinese original: 第四条 国家按照风险程度对化妆品、化妆品原料实行分类管理。 化妆品分为特殊化妆品和普通化妆品。国家对特殊化妆品实行注册管理,对普通化妆品实行备案管理。 化妆品原料分为新原料和已使用的原料。国家对风险程度较高的化妆品新原料实行注册管理,对其他化妆品新原料实行备案管理。 

Article 5 The drug regulatory department under the State Council is responsible for the supervision and administration of cosmetics nationwide. The relevant departments of the State Council are responsible for the supervision and management of cosmetics within the limits of their respective responsibilities. The department of the local people's government at or above the county level responsible for the administration and management of drugs is responsible for the supervision and management of cosmetics in the administrative region. The relevant departments of local people's governments at or above the county level are responsible for supervision and management of cosmetics within their respective spheres of responsibility. 
Chinese original: 第五条 国务院药品监督管理部门负责全国化妆品监督管理工作。国务院有关部门在各自职责范围内负责与化妆品有关的监督管理工作。 县级以上地方人民政府负责药品监督管理的部门负责本行政区域的化妆品监督管理工作。县级以上地方人民政府有关部门在各自职责范围内负责与化妆品有关的监督管理工作。 

Article 6 The cosmetics registrant and the filing person shall claim responsibility for the quality, safety and efficacy of the cosmetics. Cosmetics production operators should be engaged in production and operation activities in accordance with laws, regulations, mandatory national standards, technical specifications, strengthen management, integrity and self-discipline to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics. 
Chinese original: 第六条 化妆品注册人、备案人对化妆品的质量安全和功效宣称负责。 化妆品生产经营者应当依照法律、法规、强制性国家标准、技术规范从事生产经营活动,加强管理,诚信自律,保证化妆品质量安全。 

Article 7 The cosmetic industry association shall strengthen industry self-discipline, urge and guide cosmetic manufacturers and operators to engage in production and operation activities in accordance with the law, and promote the construction of industry integrity. 
Chinese original: 第七条 化妆品行业协会应当加强行业自律,督促引导化妆品生产经营者依法从事生产经营活动,推动行业诚信建设。 

Article 8 Consumer associations and other consumer organizations shall, in accordance with law, exercise social supervision over acts that violate the provisions of these regulations and damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. 
Chinese original: 第八条 消费者协会和其他消费者组织对违反本条例规定损害消费者合法权益的行为,依法进行社会监督。 

Article 9 The State shall encourage and support the development of cosmetic research and innovation, meet consumer demand, promote cosmetic brand building and play a leading role in brand development. The State protects the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals to conduct research and innovation in cosmetics. The State encourages and supports cosmetics manufacturers and operators to adopt advanced technology and advanced management standards to improve the quality and safety of cosmetics; it also encourages and supports the application of modern science and technology and research and development of cosmetics, combining China's traditional advantages and unique plant resources. 
Chinese original: 第九条 国家鼓励和支持开展化妆品研究、创新,满足消费者需求,推进化妆品品牌建设,发挥品牌引领作用。国家保护单位和个人开展化妆品研究、创新的合法权益。 国家鼓励和支持化妆品生产经营者采用先进技术和先进管理规范,提高化妆品质量安全水平;鼓励和支持运用现代科学技术,结合我国传统优势项目和特色植物资源研究开发化妆品。 

Article 10 The State shall strengthen the construction of information technology for the supervision and administration of cosmetics, improve the level of online government services, facilitate the handling of administrative licensing and record-keeping for cosmetics, and promote the sharing of supervision and administration information. 
Chinese original: 第十条 国家加强化妆品监督管理信息化建设,提高在线政务服务水平,为办理化妆品行政许可、备案提供便利,推进监督管理信息共享。 Add alt text Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation


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