Updated Catalog of China's National Food Safety Standards (2022)

On 11 Jan. 2023, China National Health Commission (NHC) released an updated Catalog of National Food Safety Standards. The updated list contains 1,478 standards covering food products, additives, quality specifications, testing methods, and production practices.

ZMUni provides an unofficial English translation of the Catalog.


Categories of standards in the updated Catalogue include:

· 15 General Standards

· 70 Standards for Food Products

· 10 Standards for Foods Intended for Special Dietary Uses

· 651 Quality Specifications and Related Standards for Food Additives

· 62 Quality Specifications for Food Nutrition Reinforcement

· 16 Standards for Food Related Products

· 34 Production and Operation GMP

· 237 Standards for Methods of Physical Testing and chemical Analysis

· 32 Standards for method of Food Microbiological Examination

· 29 Standards for Methods and Procedures of Toxicological Test

· 120 Standards of Methods for Determination of Pesticide Residues

· 95 Standards of Methods for Determination of Veterinary Drug Residues

· 107 Replaced (or scheduled to be placed) and Repealed (or scheduled to be repealed) Standards


For further information (Full Catalogue of China's National Food Safety Standards), click on this Link.

Information Sources:

China (PRC) National Health Commission (NHC)

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