How to Obtain a Submission Code for Cosmetics Ingredients in China?

Cosmetic Ingredients Safety Information Registration Platform (hereinafter referred to as Platform) is a digital platform where the cosmetics raw material suppliers or enterprises designated by raw material suppliers submit safety information about cosmetics. After the submission, a submission code will be automatically generated. When cosmetics enterprises notify or register their products, this submission code can be used and it will automatically link to the information about the ingredients involved. This simplifies the process of notification and registration of cosmetics since the applicants need not repeatedly fill in the information about the ingredients, especially when one ingredient is applied to several products.

One thing worth noting is that this Platform is just a technical means to improve the efficiency of cosmetics registration or notification. Raw material suppliers and cosmetics enterprises are held accountable for the legality, integrity, accuracy, and authenticity of the safety information of ingredients since the obtaining of the submission code does not involve checks or approval from the supervision and administration department. In another word, obtaining a submission code is not equal to obtaining approval from the competent authorities for the safe use of this ingredient. Any claims misleading consumers to have the impression that obtaining a submission code is equal to obtaining approval for the safe use of the ingredients from the supervision and administration department shall be investigated and punished under the relative regulations. Any false promises or exaggerated claims, such as advertising on exosomes that falls out of the categories of cosmetic ingredients, shall be investigated and punished conforming to relative regulations.

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