Biweekly Updates of Global Regulations on Cosmetics

EU Released a New Glossary of Common Ingredient Names for Use in the Labeling of Cosmetic Products

On April 2022, the European Commission published a new glossary of common ingredient names for use in the labeling of cosmetic products. It shall apply from 29 April 2023. The Commission has used, in particular, the new INCI names as published by the Personal Care Product Council and has also corrected existing ingredient names that were erroneously reported or omitted. 

Link to the official document: 


EU Released Amendment on Prohibited and Restricted Ingredients of Cosmetics 

On 16 September 2022, the EU Commission published Commission Regulation(EU) 2022/1531. The commission amended regulations as regards the use in cosmetic products of certain substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction (CMR). 14 ingredients are added to Annex II, which means they are prohibited from being used in cosmetics. 

Methyl Salicylate and Sodium N-(hydroxymethyl)glycinate, previously on the list of prohibited substances, now fall into the list of substances allowed in cosmetic products under certain conditions. 

This regulation will come into force on 17 December 2022, as of which, non-compliant products must be recalled from the EU market. 

Link to the official document: 


Ban of BMHCA/ ‘Lilial’ in Great Britain

As of 1 March 2022, Lilial, a fragrance ingredient, is a new forbidden substance in the European Cosmetic Industry. In the Great Britain market (England, Wales, Scotland), the deadline for products containing this ingredient to be drawn from the market is 15 December 2022


UKCA Marking and Labeling Extension 

UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking is a conformity mark that indicates conformity with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain. On 24 August 2021, the Government announced the transition periods for UKCA marking and UKCA labeling would each be extended until 31 December 2022 and 31 December 2023 respectively. On 20 June 2022, the Government announced the provisions for UKCA marking and labeling would be extended until 31 December 2025. Businesses have to include the UK Responsible Person details on product labels before this date. 


The Implementation of Adverse Reaction Monitoring System in China

As of 1 October 2022, cosmetic registration persons, notification persons, trusted production enterprises, operators, and medical institutions shall submit reports on Adverse Reaction Monitoring System if they find or are notified of the adverse reaction of products.

This is the portal for submitting adverse reports: 


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