Consumption of imported perfume is accelerating on Tmall Global!

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Wear German perfume of lichee and mint scent before leaving home, put Dutch rattan fragrance of tulip scent in the bedroom, use Israeli bathing oil of tropical fruit scent in the bathroom... These consuming habits related to scents are gradually becoming daily and a new lifestyle of young people of this generation.

The growth of “scent” consumption demand promotes the entry of more and more overseas niche brands into Chinese market through Tmall Global. Over 200 new imported brands of perfume, wash&care, fragrance joined Tmall Global throughout last year, and the YOY growth of the sales of this category exceeded 70%!

A list announced by Tmall Global shows, young people’s choice on scent is quite various and personalized when they buy hair&body care, fragrance products. Danish forest scent, Israeli tropical fruit scent, British Williams scent and other overseas niche fragrances are pretty popular.

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 “Chinese consumers are much interested in the knowledge about fragrance, 42% of the post-90s consumers believe they can present themselves by scent.” Bath brand Soap&Glory from Boots, the British national pharmacy first came into Chinese market in 2018 and has witnessed the development of perfume, wash&care in China. The director of it finds during the research that Chinese consumers' expectations of bath products have risen from skin care needs to the emotional level, hoping for stress relief and relaxation through fragrance.

Rituals, the fragrance brand from Netherlands which joined Tmall Global in November 2019, has developed into the TOP 1 brand in sales of fragrance category within one and half a year. “Industry and consumers insight of Tmall Global is very helpful to our category planning in Chinese market ,which makes us reach target users very quickly.” said by the director of Rituals.

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Not only perfume wash&care, but imported niche fragrance setting the home atmosphere come into young people’s daily life.

On Tmall Global, new forms like perfume oil, fragrance liquid, in-car fragrance keeps emerging at all times. The fragrance brand cocod’or from Korea, scented candle Carrière Frères from France, internet-famous perfume brand P.F. Candle Co. From LA are much liked and pursued by new users.

Promoted by the economy of scent, young people who are fond of “scent socialization” show themselves and express personality by buying niche perfume and fragrance products. Foresight Industry Research Institute estimates, from 2018 to 2024, the China fragrance market will maintain a CAGR of about 15% and is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan in 2022. Data from market research institution NPD indicates, the sales of home perfume continue to rise during the epidemic.

On Tmall Global, more than 24 million people bought imported products of fragrance, perfume, wash&care in the past year, featured scents coming from over 50 countries.

Foreign brands which speed to China market through Tmall Global are also actively launching customized products for Chinese consumers. Aiming at the demands of Chinese consumers, Soap&Glory launched a couple of specific scented products, continuing to optimize the product line and the sales keep increasing. “The perfume, wash&care consumers perform a younger trend, and more than 90% are females. The number of male consumers who love fragrances is growing rapidly, too, which is also a developing opportunity in the future


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