Monthly report of Beauty Industry in June 2022 by BEBD

 Source from BEBD

Data from: National Bureau of Statistics, collected by BEBD


PART 01-Monthly Overview

The retails sales of cosmetics is climbing up, The beauty economy is booming

The retail sales of cosmetics in June 2022 reached 42.43 billion yuan, increasing by 45.9% compared to last month, a YOY growth of 11.9%.


The notification heat in June is becoming stabilized

In total 36,917 commodities have been notified in June, increasing by 55.5% compared to the same period last year, remaining the same as last month.

Industry end fits the consumers demand, skincare direction remains the same in summer

Beauty product notification of industry end in June is in the same direction, basically keeping the same as last month.


PART 02-Analysis of notification

Enthusiasm for notification of hot cosmetic brands is stable

Overall average number of notification of hot cosmetic brands for this month keeps a stable trend. Besides, there is an increasingly obvious trend that the notification resources of hot cosmetic brands are concentrated on new products.

Hot cosmetic brands begin to notify small and refined categories

The notifications of hot cosmetic brands for this month are concentrated on lip makeup category, and except this category the number of notifications of other TOP categories all declined in different degrees, which is different from the overall notification trend. In notifications of hot cosmetic brands, the fastest increasing one is blush&rouge category.

cosmetic brand

Hot cosmetic brands make efforts in anti-aging and hair care

The number of efficacy claims in notifications of hot cosmetic brands in this month has grown, and efficacy claims such as anti-hair breakage, hair color care have been notified for the first time by hot cosmetic brands. In this month hot cosmetic brands make efforts mainly on efficacy claims like firming and anti-wrinkle.

There is a trend that the popular skincare category will be less notified by new cosmetic brands

In this month, there are 257 notifications of new cosmetic brands. The number of new brands and the number of average notified products get back to the overall average value compared to last month.

The popular skincare category remains the main category of notification for new brands this month, but is on a downward trend for the second month in a row, with body care and lip makeup making it into the Top 10 categories this month.


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