Korean beauty giants begin to develop clean beauty, will it save the decline?

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Unconsciously, K beauty is no longer attractive to Chinese consumers. Mediocre cheap Korean beauty products have been abandoned by mature Chinese consumers. Of Korean beauty brands only premium skincare brands The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo are left in Chinese market and have a strong performance.

Data shows that in 2021, the share of Korean beauty in the Chinese market was only 3.6%, and K beauty is no longer a symbol of the trend. The basic reason behind this phenomenon is that consumers think the quality of K beauty products is not good, the brand power is not strong, the development on products is not valued, and the components of the product have no prominent advantages, etc,

Looking back at the peak of Korean beauty, it has brought for Chinese beauty market many new consumption trends like BB cream, air cushion cream. However in recent years when consumer awareness and concepts of Chinese consumers have been changing, K beauty hasn’t. The most obvious point is that when Chinese consumers began changing to component-oriented users, K beauty didn’t grasp this trend and was in lack of iterative and innovative products in aspect of the efficacy of components.

Nowadays, this strong wind of clean beauty arising from European and American market has blown into K beauty industry. K beauty giants LG Household & Health Care and Amore Pacific announced the launch of their brands’ first product line of clean beauty one after another.

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Mamonde, freshian launched clean beauty line for the first time

This year LG Household & Health Care launched purism makeup brand -- freshian, which was first marketed in China in July. In the production process of freshian it insists on not directly or indirectly using any animal ingredients, refuses animal testing, insists on using no additive safe formula so as to bring consumers trustworthy clean beauty products and provide the experience of high-standard clean beauty.

Mamonde the brand of another giant Amore Pacific recently announced the launch of its first clean beauty line smart clean series as well. It is reported that smart clean series contain more than 90% natural ingredients in which no risky components are added. In the first batch, four new products were launched.

In the past two years, new concepts like clean beauty, bio-organic began going popular in Chinese market. Currently except SHISEIDO, P&G, L’OREAL, KOSE and Unilever, etc., Korean beauty giants will also speed up their entry into the track of clean beauty.

What is made clear is that the “revolution” brought by clean beauty has swept the whole international cosmetics industry.

So will K beauty seize the trend of clean beauty?

According to relevant data forecast, the sales of global clean beauty market in 2027 will reach 11.56 billion dollar, and CAGR from 2020 to 2027 will be 12.07%.

According to what a market research report from Brand Essence Market Research reveals, Asia is the region where clean beauty market grows fastest and is the major drive force on it.

Though the trend of clean beauty in Asia starts late, the development is booming.

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However currently there is no standardized definition and specification for clean beauty. Generally speaking it covers elements such as natural, green, no additives, clear ingredients, sustainability, etc. These are not a simple concept for a brand, this means stronger R&D strength, stricter quality control. Therefore, will it be a threshold for K beauty which is used to be fast fashion style and doesn't value the R&D?

As the leading enterprise in Korean cosmetics OEM/ODM industry, COSMAX once said in public that “clean beauty” would be the research emphasis of makeup. So far, other clean beauty brands from Korea like Cosrx, Abib also enter Chinese market through Tmall Global except that K beauty giants begin entering into the track of clean beauty.


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