NCI Update! NO.15 New Cosmetic Ingredient has now been approved by China's NMPA!

The NO.15 New Cosmetic Ingredient(NCI) "Tibetan lard" has now been approved by NMPA in China!

ZMUni searched the database query on the Chinese National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) official platform which shows that the Notifier/Filing person (Brand Owner) "Sichuan Luming Hill Highland Eco-Agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd" has successfully passed the NMPA notification review of the New Cosmetic Ingredient "Tibetan lard"!

As an example, the published Chinese NCI notifying/filing number is "国妆原备字20220015" on the NMPA platform, the approved date is July 6, 2022.

It’s noteworthy that it’s the first New animal-based Cosmetic Ingredient notified after the implementation of China's new cosmetic regulations.

Actually, animal-based ingredients are widely used in cosmetic products, for example animal fats have the function of moist, softness and smoothness which can provide protective barrier for the skin. Lanolin, which is extracted from sheep's wool, is an ingredient often added to products such as lip balms, body lotions and creams.


[The “ID” information of NO.15 New Cosmetic Ingredient]

English name: Tibetan lard

Chinese name: 藏猪脂

Purpose of use: Skin protector, fat liquoring agents, emollient, moisturizer, solvent, blocking agent

Use or application scope: Used in cosmetic oil phase base materials and various cosmetic products such as cream, lotion, cleanser, sunscreen, makeup products

Safe use amount: ≤95%

(maximum allowable concentration in use of cosmetics)


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