Guidelines for 2022 Sunscreen Industry Trend

In recent years, with the continuous market education on the importance and necessity of UV protection, consumers know well of it and grow a lot more interest in UV protection, it is no exaggeration to say that the interest has gone through an explosive rise. According to Beauty Evolution Big Data, from 2019 to 2021, the number of searches for sunscreen categories increased from 5.77 million to 49.53 million, a 7 fold increase.

Behind the big interest of consumers is the steady growth of China's sunscreen market, which was expected to reach 8.236 billion yuan in 2021, double that of nine years ago.

It’s predictable that China's sunscreen market is going to become bigger with the strong needs of sunscreen products.

So how is the current situation of China's sunscreen market like? Any changes to the main consumer groups? What is the future of sunscreen market?

ZMUni collected an industrial report--<Guidelines for 2022 Sunscreen Industry Trend> from Beauty Evolution Big Data. The report on the basis of big data gives in-depth insight on current situation overview, consumer insight, product insight and industry trend forecast. Let’s see the details of the report.

The report is divided into 4 parts,:

PART 01-current situation overview

PART 02-consumer insight

PART 03-product insight

PART 04-industry trend forecast

(Data as of 2021.12)


PART 01-current situation overview

1.China's sunscreen market is steadily developed, having increased over the past 9 years.

2. In recent years, with the continuous market education on the importance and necessity of UV protection, consumers' demand for sunscreen has gradually upgraded to a rigid demand. Consumers' attention to sunscreen has exploded compared with other categories

PART 02-consumer insight

1.From gender division, female consumers pay a lot more attention on sunscreen.  male consumers’ attention to sunscreen has continuously risen in recent years.

2.From the perspective of skin type distribution, people who pay attention to sunscreen categories are mainly oily skin, accounting for 60%, and the proportion of oily skin users has continued to increase in recent years.

3. 4 typical consumer groups in sunscreen category

According to group size and consuming capacity of the corresponding group, sunscreen consumer group is deeply divided into 4 typical consumer groups: Generation Z, white collars of modern city, exquisite men, young people from small city. The followings are first 3 groups, let’s have a look.

  • Generation Z

Growth rate of group size in the past 3 years: 64.93%

Group characteristics: age below 25 years old, the majority is student group

Preference for the characteristics of sunscreen: Highly UV protection


  • white collars of modern city

Growth rate of group size in the past 3 years: 27.65%

Group characteristics: women at the age between 25 and 34 years old, the majority is located in first/second-tier cities

Preference for the characteristics of sunscreen: sunscreen effects


  • white collars of modern city

Growth rate of group size in the past 3 years: 35.04%

Group characteristics: men at the age between 25 and 34 years old, the majority is located in first/second-tier cities

Preference for the characteristics of sunscreen: oily-free


PART 03-product insight

1.With consumers growing more recognition of sunscreen, their demands for the protection against sunburn has been larger and larger, so the highly UV protection gets more attention from consumers..

2.List of hot sale sunscreen products

3.In recent years consumers’ attention to the skincare efficacy in sunscreen products has also improved, and “multiple efficacies in 1” claim has been very popular.

skincare efficacy


4.Considering the safety of sunscreens in sunscreen products, high risk substances like 4-METHYLBENZYLIDENE CAMPHOR, BENZOPHENONE-2 are gradually disappearing in hot sale sunscreen products.

5.List of hot sunscreens

List of hot sunscreens

6.Except for sunscreens, more and more milder ingredients such as plant-based ingredients are added into the sunscreen products to achieve not only UV protection effect but other skin-friendly effects.


PART 04-industry trend forecast

1.With consumers’ upgraded and changing needs for sunscreen, all-round prevention sunscreen products having effects of anti-light aging, anti-sensitive, anti-blue light, antioxidant are continuing to go on the market.

2.With the continual development of science and innovation, sunscreen black tech has been continuously used in sunscreen products to achieve the optimal effects of the product. Many hot products have their own black tech, like “the sunscreen effects boosting when the product is mixed with water” from a MISTINE sunscreen cream. Its mechanism is: After the cream and water is mixed, cream will combine with the minerals in water to make the sunscreen net more even, the sunscreen effect multiple and meet the beach outdoor demands.

3.In order to solve ocean contamination and damage problems caused by chemical components in sunscreen products, with the universal ocean-friendly idea in recent years, ocean environment protection sunscreen products are gradually emerging. Risk components such as Benzophenone, Octylmethoxycinnamate are common chemicals in sunscreen chemical formula. When they reach a certain concentration, it will cause significant damage to coral. Not only the polyps will be killed, but also the physiological function of adult coral will be severely damaged.

 coral before

coral after


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