A Look Back at 2021: Cosmetic Administration Work in China

2021 is the "Year of Regulation Construction" for cosmetics in China. With the implementation of CSAR, the supervision of the cosmetics industry has entered into a new situation. Over the past year, Chinese cosmetics regulators have taken CSAR as the work program, implemented the supervision, successfully completed various tasks, and opened up a path of cosmetics supervision with Chinese characteristics.

The Rapid Development of Each System

✅In aspect of administration according to law, we should improve the administrative regulation system

Law is an important tool for governing a country. After the implementation of CSAR, NMPA has accelerated the relevant work.

1. Finishing the formulation of the supporting regulations and rules. Provisions for Registration and Notification of Cosmetics has taken effect from 1 May 2021. Measures for Administration of Cosmetic Production and Operation has been released on 6 August 2021 and effective from 1 January 2022. Measures for Administration of Toothpaste has been submitted to NMPA.

2. Accelerating the formulation of Standardized Documents. Relevant documents such as the Classification Rules and Classification Catalogue of Cosmetics, Manufacturing Quality Management and Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring have been continuously published. A clear, complete, organic and unified cosmetic administrative regulation system has been basically formed, offering a strong legal guarantee for the realization of modernized governance.

3. Strengthening policy interpretation. Drug regulatory departments at all levels carry out interpretation of regulations and policies through official websites, posters, training and other forms to promote the effective implementation of regulations.

✅In aspect of scientific administration, we should promote technical supporting system

Cosmetic administration needs strong technical support. The establishment of a scientific and efficient professional supervision system is a necessary basis for ensuring the safe use of cosmetics by consumers and promoting industrial development.

1.Improving the construction of professional team and ability. Actively promote the transition of cosmetics registration from "meeting review by external expert " to "expert consultation by internal auditor", establish an on-site verification mechanism for cosmetics registration, and improve the fairness, standardization and efficiency of the review. Carefully organize the selection of the first batch of cosmetics sampling inspection and re-inspection institutions, significantly enhancing the technical support ability of cosmetics supervision.

2.Actively carry out scientific research on cosmetics supervision.  Fully play the role of key laboratories, organize and carry out research on a series of topics such as quick check and application of Animal Testing Alternatives, and explore new tools, technologies and methods for scientific supervision.

✅In aspect of the whole process management, we should improve Risk Control System

NMPA system comprehensively take regulatory means such as notification and registration, spot-check, inspection, CARM, risk monitoring to fully strengthen the supervision before, during and after the matter, continuously improve Risk Control System.

1.Sparing no efforts to enhance the level of the monitoring. Fully playing the “Sentinel” role of CARM. The amount of Cosmetic adverse reaction report collected is 186,800 copies, and in monitoring, the amount of Serious cosmetic adverse reaction found and dealt with according to law reached 500+. Carry out risk monitoring for internet famous products, illegal addition in children's cosmetics, excessive progesterone and benzene, provide strong support for improving cosmetics standards and supplementary inspection methods to effectively increase the level of risk control.  

✅In aspect of special rectification action, we should perfect the inspection and law enforcement system

1.Strengthen the supervision on childrens cosmetics. NMPA deployed special inspections on children's cosmetics and inspected more than 300,000 manufacturing and operation enterprises. Hebei, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces severely dealt with typical cases of illegal addition in children’s cosmetics such as “XINGPU cream (child type) ”, “JING’ER cream” and “ACCEPTANCE body lotion”. Fujian province gave first ticket for lifetime prohibition from engaging in cosmetic industry in China.

2.Seriously investigate major cases. The amount of cosmetics cases investigated has rocketed in the past 3 years and hit 22,800 to a record high in 2021, with the annual increasing rate of 61.9%.

✅In aspect of supervision efficiency, we should improve intelligent supervision system

In 2021, NMPA included the information construction of cosmetics supervision into its key work to promote the modernization of supervision with information.

1.Strengthen the construction of information platform. Build a new registration and notification platform to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of cosmetics registration and notification.

2.Realize electronization of the whole process of registration and notification. Handle the whole process of accepting, reviewing, approving and licensing the certificate online, and issue electronic registration certificates for special cosmetics and new cosmetics ingredients. It has the functions of instant delivery, and authenticity verification by code scanning.


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