Are lipstick toys cosmetic products?


🔸Are lipstick toys cosmetic products?

At present,  kids dressing table toys consist of eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish are 🔥hot sale products in the market. In fact, many of these toys produced by toy manufacturers are only for dolls decoration and should be managed according to the regulations of toys or other products. And most importantly, they are NOT cosmetic products! Basically, products applied to the surface of human body are cosmetics and should be managed in accordance with cosmetic regulations(CSAR) in China.

🔸The strictest cosmetic supervision is imposed on children’s cosmetics in China.

  • Children’s Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation released by NMPA on 8 Oct this year put forward stricter regulatory requirements than adult cosmetics.
  • Before go on market, technical data such as product formula, safety assessment document should be submitted as required for registration and notification.
  • The formulation of children’s cosmetics should follow the general principle of “safety first, essential efficacy only, extremely simple formula”, and product safety should be evaluated through safety assessment and necessary toxicological tests.

🔸Makeup products for children?

The efficacy of cosmetics for babies aged 0 ~ 3 years are limited to cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen, etc., and makeup products are NOT included in the category. Therefore, if a makeup product claims  it’s suitable for babies under 3 years on the label, it’s illegal.

Children under 12 years old, especially infants, have weaker skin barrier and are more vulnerable to skin irritations caused by foreign substances. Products such as "lipstick toys" produced according to general toy product standards may contain substances that are not suitable for use as cosmetic raw materials, which may irritate children's skin if used by children. In addition, such "makeup toys" may have the problem of excessive heavy metals, such as lead. Excessive lead can affect children's intellectual development after being absorbed.

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