Beware of mascara claiming to promote eyelash growth!

📍Does mascara have the effect of "promoting eyelash growth"❓

Some products in the market such as mascara, eyelash essence and so on claim to make eyelashes thicker or longer. These products are usually attached to the eyelash by means of a film forming agent and also contain colorants etc., so as to give the effect of eyelash colouring, thickening and lengthening. Such products are classified as general cosmetics and require product filing and notification before listing or importing into China. These products do not have the effect of promoting eyelash growth.

The “Classification Rules and Catalogue of Cosmetics” issued by the NMPA does not contain an efficacy category for promoting eyelash growth. To date the NMPA has not approved any cosmetics that claim to promote eyelash growth.


📍Can bimatoprost be used to promote eyelash growth

It has been reported that some patients experience eyelash growth, increase and thickening after using drugs such as bimatoprost or travoprost to reduce intraocular pressure. These drugs are prostaglandin analogues and need to be used with a doctor’s guidance in accordance with the guidance instructions. The safety of long-term use by healthy people is unclear.

The “Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Ingredients” as revised and issued by the NMPA in 📅2021 does not include ingredients with the name “prostaglandins”. The NMPA has not registered or filed/notified any prostaglandin related cosmetic ingredients. Therefore the use of prostaglandin analogues such as bimatoprost as cosmetic ingredients in the production of cosmetics violates the relevant provisions of Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation and should be prohibited.

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