Cosmetic Labelling Review

So let’s go! And look at our overview of labelling requirements. Remember we at ZMUni logo can prepare the Chinese label information for you and ensure that your final label design meets the regulations.

The labelling requirements are designed to provide information to the consumer and prevent false advertising or efficacy claims that have not been tested, are untrue or differ from those made for the same product in its home country.

the Chinese label must contain the following information in normal Chinese characters:

  • Chinese product name and, for special cosmetics, also the registration certificate number
  • Name and address of the registrant/filing person or of the Chinese Responsible Person (for behalf of the foreign company)
  • Name and address of the manufacturer (if manufactured in China, it also needs the manufacturer’s production license number)
  • Product implementation standard review
  • Full ingredient list
  • Net content
  • Use period/expiry date
  • Instructions of use and safety warnings
  • Other content as required by relevant laws, administrative regulations and national standards.

The Chinese product name and the expiration date also need to be shown on the outer package (e.g. box).

If you would like an overview of the registration and compliance process please follow the link to our recent webinar add a link to the webinar here.

The Chinese legal framework on cosmetics is complex and can be hard to understand.

We have many years experience of helping our clients through this process. Our years in business have given us excellent contacts within the cosmetic import and distribution market We are always happy to introduce our clients to them.


ZMUni Chinese Cosmetic Regulation Compliance Centre 中贸合规中心

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